• 1.What is Arancia
    Arancia Kuchen is an insightful brand launched by the Evershine and Olive Group, the market leaders in the modular kitchen component industry for last 25 years. Arancia Kuchen is already creating waves in the so far stagnant market of modular kitchen as the entire range is designed with keeping Indian consumers in the focus. The offerings are not just stunning in looks but also lend unmatched ease and functionality as needed by Indian families.
  • 2. What is Modular Kitchen?
    Modular kitchen is a new and innovative step over traditional kitchen. Modular kitchen makes everyday kitchen task easy with its functionality and durability. Modular Kitchen means that your kitchen is made up of several modules or units. And if there is any damage then only that one unit has to be repaired or replaced. In simple words, it's a readymade kitchen which has set designs and can be implemented easily. These sets come with different styles, shapes & sizes depending on customer requirements. Modular kitchen focuses on convenience, space utilization, and utility value.
  • 3.Following is the comparison between modular kitchens v/s traditional kitchens Carpenters
    Arancia kuchen Carpenters
    Arancia kuchen is equipped with German Technology machins like CNC Machine, Multiboring Machine, Edge Bending, Power Press, Membrane Press, Etc..., to provide clients modern kitchens that fulfills quality, functionality and design of the highest standard. Carpenter made kitchens are fully handmade, therefore finishing and quality are not up to mark.
    Arancia Kuchen don\'t just provide you the designs, but also give you numerous options for smart and effective usage of your kitchen space. It also gives you various choice of color, material, hardware, accessories, design & shapes. limited options depending on the Carpenter\'s resources.
    Arancia Kuchen have specialized team of interior designs and engineers for complete control of the product design and production process. Lack of skilled people and team management.
    Arancia Kuchen modular kitchen come with 5 years conditional warranty & after sales service. There is no such long durability warranty to the consumer in carpenter make kitchens
    Most of the work happens off site & various components are simply company fitted ready made kitchens, only installation is done on site. So there is no inconvenience and disturbances caused to customer. Carpenter assembles entire kitchen onsite only. including fabrication & woodwork, therefore resulting in lots of clutter & inconvenience & no time limit.
  • 4.Product we offer
    1. 1. Can you design as per our requirements or you have some standard to follow?
      Yes, we provide complete kitchen solution from design to installation depending upon customer\'s requirement and budget.

    2. 2. What is the grade of your basket?
      At Arancia, we use three types of baskets mentioned as below:
      • Aluminum
      • SS202
      • SS304
      In addition to above baskets, we also have a range of baskets which comprise of European drawer system which provide better functionality.

    3. 3. Which hardware are you using?
      At Arancia, we use Arancia functional hardware and German Hardware which is one of the best and leading hardware manufactured.

    4. 4. What is the base material and finish material of your carcass & shutter?
      There are two base materials which we use; they are , Water Proof Marine Ply, MDF (Medium density fiberboard) and ply. Moreover, we provide variety of collection in products such as membrane, laminate, polymer composite finishes, 3D finishes, Solid wood, lacquered finishes, veneer finishes, etc.

    5. 5. Can you do civil kitchen also?
      Yes, we design civil kitchens as per customer\'s requirements.

    6. 6. Does your material is water and termite proof?
      Our product comes with water and termite proof. However, infection such as termite originates from earth can cause damage to any kind of wood product.

    7. 7. Can you renovate our kitchen?
      Yes, we provide complete kitchen solution where we can renovate and redesign customer\'s kitchen based on their requirements.

    8. 8. Within how many days I will receive my kitchen?
      Actual time depends on the requirements. However, generally it takes average 10-20 days and plus days of transportation.

    9. 9. What is the installation period?
      The average installation period is between 2 to 3 days.
  • 5.After purchase
    • 1. What is payment mode?
      The payment is 50% in advance, 45% before delivery and remaining 5% after installation.

    • 2. After installation, if there is any damage than what will be replacing time? Also what will be the charges?
      The replacement time depends on product and its requirement. Replacement charges will be decided after evaluation of product by the company.
  • 6.Exclusions
    • 1. Can I purchase only shutter as I want to use my old basket and hardware?
      At Arancia, we provide complete kitchen solution and considering that we do not sell any component separately.

    • 2. What about kitchen top, appliances and sink?
      At Arancia, we have kept customer\'s choice in mind and due to that customers can choose their kitchen top, appliances and sink brands as per their choices.

    • 3. Can you use laminate or design as per our brand and choice?
      At Arancia, we only use our own line of products and designs which are provided to the customer to choose from as per their requirement.